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Illumination dramatically increases the visual impact of exterior signs and enables them to catch people’s attention from further away.

Even if your premises are generally closed in the evenings, remember that the hours of darkness are much longer during the colder months. And even outside opening hours, illuminated signs work hard advertising your business.

Most of the illuminated signs we make these days comprise a sign box with internal lighting, produced using fluorescent tubes or more costly but more energy-efficient LEDs.

We can then cut out lettering and add a translucent covering, with the option of building them out into 3D, with the sides either opaque or translucent, depending on the effect you want to create. Another possibility is halo lit lettering, where opaque letters sit proud of the surface of the sign and light spills out from behind.

An alternative option is a light box, where the entire front of the sign is made from a translucent material, allowing the light to shine through. For more information on this option, see the Industrial light boxes section.

We can also supply classic neon signs or create a theatrical look with spotlights.