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The post and panel signs we create are extremely durable. We mount sturdy panels with your choice of messaging on substantial posts, which we then install securely, helping to prevent opportunistic vandalism.

While most post and panel sides are one or two sided we can create versions with three sides or more, depending on what you want to achieve.

We can produce the panels themselves in any colour of your choice, either printed or with cut-out illuminated lettering.

In addition to business signage, we can create interpretation panels for public spaces and ‘you are here’ signs for shopping centres, universities and other sites spread over a wide area.

Post and panel signs are an effective form of outdoor signage, used widely to signpost public buildings such as churches and leisure centres as well as many business. They make ideal school signs.

Usually placed at eye-level, the panels are a great way to help people find your site when they’re looking for it, especially if your building is set back from the street. They also attract the attention of passers-by, increasing awareness.

Post and panel signs work well on business estates and industrial parks and for commercial buildings with multiple occupants, where we can install smart branded signage for each business on a single sign.