What does your Business Sign say about your Business?

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What does your Business Sign say about your Business?

We design Business Signs and offer a professional all-in-one package that guarantees an excellent return on your investment. For competitive rates on internal and external business signage in London and Surrey, give us a call or send us a message…

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What entices you to walk inside a shop? What do you see on a high street to help you identify the different businesses? How can you increase exposure of your business in a different location? The answer to all of the above is ‘signage’. Businesses often do not value the power of professional signage and the importance of good branding and design. If you get it wrong you could face long-term damage to your business reputation and so we advise it better to have no sign than to have a badly designed sign. Here at SignMedia we know how to communicate your brand message to the right audiences through effective signage and offer a professional design package that guarantees an excellent return on your investment. How do we operate? Below we have listed our top five guidelines on how to design a business sign that works.


Sign Strategy
We are always available to brainstorm your business sign ideas and provide expert guidance where requested – it is so important to get it right. Before you even think about design you must consider your Sign Strategy; who are you looking to attract? What action would you like them to take? How will you measure your sign success?

Market Positioning
We are not just talking about the positioning of your sign in a chosen location. Before the design begins you need to consider how you wish to position yourself among your leading competitors. A lot can be said for a researched and professionally designed business sign.

Branding Consistency
Branding should be decided during the early stages of your business planning and should remain consistent in all your branding efforts. Branding of your business refers mainly to your company name, slogan and logo; all of which should appear the same on your website, business cards, social media platforms and any other marketing material such as posters or large-scale signage. Tweaks and alterations may need to be made to your brand design but the brand message and appearance should remain clear.

Colour Visuals
To get the right colour scheme and visuals you will most likely need to consult with a professional sign design company. Here at SignMedia we provide a range of colour strategies to suit your requirements. Many business owners do not realise the impact colour has on psychology – read more in one of our previous blogs here – Impact of Colour Psychology on Business Signs

If you do not feel confident in your own ability to find the most attractive wording, hire the services of a copywriter to do it for you. Think clear, concise and informative enough to provoke curiosity. This is your chance to instill trust and confidence – the wording should achieve this successfully with an effective call-to-action prompting the reader to take action.

Business Sign Content Planning – points to consider:

Exterior Signage
All about first impressions – they really do count. The design of your external business signs will determine whether you attract prospective customers or not. Read more about the different types of external business signs.

Informational & Persuasive Signage – common for internal use
Directional signs are crucial if you want customers to journey through your premises and take action in some way. Easy-to-read informative signs create a smooth customer experience and increase your chances of generating the results you want. Persuasive signage is used when trying to attract a certain demographic towards a specific product or promotion. Attractive imagery and concise, compelling copy will usually do the trick. Toilet signs and disability signs are examples of directional signs.

SignMedia is located in Ashford (close to Heathrow Airport) and specialises in business sign design, print design, manufacture and installation of business signs of all sizes throughout West London. Just give us a call on 01784 241 974 for FREE guidance on sign design in London and Surrey or fill out this form with your requirements in the message box. Thank you!

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