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Sign Making & Sign Lettering through the Ages

One of the most effective offline marketing methods for any business is
‘Signage’ and nowadays, there is absolutely no shortage of choice.

Today, you can pretty much have any type of Sign you want for your business and the design
options are endless. New technology and digital design tools are being released at a fast and
furious rate, more durable materials are being made readily available and the choice just
continues to grow. 21st Century Sign options vary to include acrylic signs, printed signs, digital
signs and vinyl signs; you name it and there is most probably a machine somewhere that makes


Signs are ‘by no means a new means of communication’ and have been around for a lot longer
than you might expect. Master Sign Writers existed in ancient Roman times and specialised in
marble-carved calligraphic inscriptions. During the discovery of the Ruins of Pompeii in 1748,
examples of these marble signs were discovered with Roman Square Capitals inscribed,
otherwise known as Trajan.
Painted Trade Signs
As civilisations continued to develop and the 12th Century kicked in, painted pictorial Signs
became all the rage. Tradesmen would display a painted sign at the front of their house to inform
the public of their service. Painted pictorial Trade and Directional Signs became a heavily relied
upon means of navigation around cities and did not dismiss the illiterate majority.

Signwriting & Sign Lettering
It wasn’t until the 18th Century when literacy rates began to creep up, and that is when ‘Sign
Writing’ and ‘Sign Lettering’ was born in the UK. Throughout the Victorian era, the demand for
Signwriters went through the roof and every organisation including the Police needed Sign
Writers and Lettering.


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Post & Panel Signs Wayfinding Signs
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We tailor our creative design services to suit you. Our Sign Design team will get to work and
provide you with expert guidance on how to design the best sign for your business. We work with
companies of all sizes from SME’s to large corporates; get in touch with our in-house design
team for a free consultation.


After the Design stages we will begin Manufacturing. Do you need internal or external business
signage, safety signage, exhibition graphics, vehicle graphics? We offer a lovely wide range of
Business Sign Styles for you to choose from and guarantee work to the best Signmaking standards.


Our Sign installation team is fully trained and experienced in installing Business Signs on various
surfaces. We will arrive fully-equipped with all the relevant fixtures to get the job done fast. All
members of Sign Media installation team are highly skilled, trained and proficient in the relevant
safety procedures and in possession of the necessary training certification, including IPAF
(powered access equipment).

SignMedia is located in Ashford (close to Heathrow Airport) and specialises in business sign
design, sign making, sign lettering, print design, manufacture and installation of business signs of
all sizes throughout London and Surrey. Just give us a call on 01784 241 974 for FREE guidance
on Business Signs in London and Surrey or fill out this form with your requirements in the
message box. Thank you – we look forward to hearing from you.

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