Hire a Professional Vehicle Wrap Designer for the Job.

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Hire a Professional Vehicle Wrap Designer for the Job.


Best Vehicle Wrapping in London & Surrey! We tailor your Vehicle Wrap to suit the style, colour& Size of your car, bike or van. We design & install Vehicle Stickers, Decals & Graphics to help you best market your business on the road. Call SignMedia Vehicle Signage specialists on 01784 241 974 for expert …

Professional Vehicle Wraps for Businesses & Company Cars in London & Surrey

Learn the Power of expert Vehicle Wrapping & choose the right Design for your Business


What’s the purpose of your Vehicle Signage if you are not directing readers to action?

Three seconds. You have got 3 seconds to win your reader over and direct them to action. Vehicle Wraps can be so effective when designed professionally – with the right amount of wording and imagery. Think powerful yet simplistic, attention-grabbing and persuasive. You need to be aware of what action you want your readers to take before you even consider what information to display on your Vehicle Wrap.

3 Seconds to Answer 3 Burning Questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. How can you help me?
  3. How can I contact you?

Hire a Professional Vehicle Wrap Designer for the Job.

vehicle wrapProfessional Vehicle Wrap Designers know how to tailor your Vehicle Wrap according to the colour, size and style of your vehicle. We know what it takes to make your car or van stand out on the road and know where to place the copy for maximum effect. It needs to catch the attention of drivers and pedestrians; hire a professional designer and make an impact on your target audience.


To Use or Not to Use Photos on Vehicle Wraps? That is the question.

There is not much time for drivers to absorb the information you display on your company car or van; photographs can often detract from your message. If your readers miss the copy because they were too busy staring at a pretty photo, that’s a decrease in potential leads. For example, a double glazing company uses a photo of a beautiful house with double glazed windows; this could be advertising house cleaning services, home interiors or anything else ‘home’ related. Unless your photo is telling the full story, it’s advised that you do not include one at all.


What Information should be included to convey the right Message?

The general rule is to answer the three burning questions of any potential client or customer. Every single word counts on a Vehicle Wrap – there’s no time to keep people guessing. Who are you? What do you do? Why should I contact you? Professional copywriters know which words to use in order to captivate and persuade the desired audience (and know where to place them). The words used on your Vehicle Wrap are equally as important as the design!

Consider your Call-to-Action:

What do you want the reader to do?

Some examples would be:

  1. Visit our Website
  2. Call our Technicians
  3. Book a Free Consultation
  4. Google Us!

Customise your Vehicle Wrap but don’t get too excited and go overboard.

Decorative design lines, tribal flames, chrome and other vehicle graphics are great to look at but if you are looking to achieve an end goal to benefit your business, you do not want these distractions. Speak to a professional Vehicle Wrap Designer to receive expert advice on the type of vehicle graphics you could use without creating too much of a distraction from the message and call-to-action. Sometimes it only takes something simple to have an impact! Colour also plays a huge role and can affect the psychological mind-set of a person – consider your design carefully to provoke the right emotion and generate results faster.

Did you know?

Adding a QR Code to your Vehicle Wrap design is an effective way to send a message fast (providing the reader is savvy with his/her mobile phone). All it takes is a quick snap on a mobile device and the reader is directed straight to a website! No more searching Google while you are driving or sitting in traffic.

ConclusionSignMedia is located in Ashford (close to Heathrow Airport) and specialises in print design, manufacture and installation of Vehicle Wraps and Signage throughout West London. We also offer an expert consultancy service you can rely on. Just give us a call on 01784 241 974 for FREE guidance on sign design in London and Surrey or fill out this form with your requirements in the message box. Thank you!


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