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Thought-Provoking Business Signs from around the World

What does your current Business Sign say about your business?

The whole purpose of a Business Sign is to inform the reader about what you do and how the reader can benefit from what you are offering. Howyou decide to communicate this information is a whole different story. Companies that understand the high-level impact that Business Signs have on readers also understand the importance of hiring professional help. Your Signage should reflect the character of your company brand and should be designed to catchand keepthe reader’s attention. Make an impact to be remembered.


We have listed some of our favourite Business Advertising Signsfrom all over the world to inspire you. Speak to our Sign Design Consultants at Sign Media to help you stand out from the competition.


Lowe’s Hardware Store

Be bold. Lowe’s Home Improvement Store in North Carolina left half of the entire Sign missing to make an impact! Noticeable, thought-provoking and definitely memorable.

Lee’s Discount Liquor

Too many companies live in fear of offending others but risky Business Signs like this one are the ones that make the best impact. The words on this Billboard are few but the message is clear; or is it? The placement of the Actors is to demonstrate that it is clearly a joke.


This is a two-part billboard designed in Spain is to promote the benefits of wearing protection during sexual intercourse. Translated into English: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeessss!”

Such a simple yet effective strategy; the words are there to catch everyone’s attention and to create curiosity in the reader. What is it advertising? Upon looking closer, you will notice the text in the bottom right-hand corner: “Prolong the Pleasure. Durex.”

Real Estate Company

A play on words is always a good way to get the brain cells grafting. This Advert for a Real Estate company makes you work out the message before you even know what it’s actually advertising. ‘Great Thinking’ and ‘Rethinking’ being the two key messages. It’s only when you read the small print that you will notice the slogan: “Real Estate Company with a Difference”. Makes a difference to the usual images of new shiny properties and brands.

02 Mobile Telecommunication Services

A very noticeable and memorable marketing campaign targeting demand by O2 Mobile was launched on the streets of the UK with a smashed screen effect and the simple word ‘Oops’ – I think we can all relate to that in some way or another. Underneath, the service: Free Screen Replacement on New Phones.


Genius marketing by Carlsberg. They have remained so consistent with their slogan that now it is recognised worldwide (without even the mention of the word Carlsberg). One of their latest award-winning Sign Designs was an interactive approach with their slogan altered from ‘Probably the Best Beer in the World’ to ‘Probably the Best Poster in the World’. Take a closer look and you will see a pump offering free beer! This interactive approach had people taking photos of the poster all over the world and created a storm on social media platforms! Excellent interactive strategy that got millions talking!

PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Pulling on heart strings is always effective; we are all human after all. This Sign by the organisation PETA doesn’t focus so much on their brand but of the mission they stand for. Raising awareness using controversial quotes is definitely one way to make people look and think. It’s no ‘feel good’ campaign but it makes a statement; one not to be forgotten.

Webroot Internet Security

This completely misleading Business Sign Design asssociates with food before anything else. Differing from the usual ‘boring’ advertisements for Internet Security Companies, Webroot Internet Security found another way to stick in the minds of viewers.


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