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Window Decal Design Ideas for Businesses in London & Surrey


Are you tired of pedestrians walking past your shop and not in the door? We design eye-catching Window Graphics to help you direct your target audience and communicate your message in a quick and effective manner. Professionally designed Window Decals can transform your sales drive overnight.

In Part 1 of this Blog Post ‘The Right Window Decal to transform your Business’ we discussed the effects of professional Window Graphics and provided a detailed explanation of the different types of Window Decals available including Static Cling Window Signs, Vinyl Window Decals, Perforated Window Graphics and Frosted Window Decals. Each of these options offer different benefits and are tailored to suit your primary goal; what do you want to achieve?

In this Blog Post we will discuss Window Graphic design ideas to help you understand how to design the perfect Window Decal and offer guidance on how to catch, keep and convert your audience attention.


Your first main goal is to turn heads. Colour, size, style and content are all contributing factors in the design of your Window Decal and will determine whether or not pedestrians (or vehicle drivers) will actually turn to look at your business premises. Secondly, you want them to take that second glance and show a genuine interest! If your Window Graphics are not thought-provoking or interesting, they will look once and look away.

A good Window Sticker will not only catch but also keep their interest and intrigue them to find out more. Then last but not least, ACTION. A Window Decal designed without a call-to-action is hardly worth having. Encourage your target audience to walk in your shop, make a phone call or visit your website. These are just examples of what you might want your audience to do!

Foolproof Guide to Window Graphics Design:


Why have you decided to hire a professional Window Sign Design team to create your Window Graphics? Are you trying to attract more people to your shop, get more hits on your website, make more sales in your office or simply increase exposure for your marketing campaign? Before you can move forward with the design process, you need to determine what you are trying to achieve.


Keep your design simple. Pedestrians or vehicles will pass your Window Decal at different speeds and for that reason, simplicity is the best way forward. Design your window graphics to deliver your message fast! It should be blatant to pedestrians up close and at a distance. You only have a few seconds to catch, keep and convert your target audience and this cannot be achieved with complex wording, long sentences and detailed images. Think about how many shops you see on the high street; there are only a few that really stand out and entice you in. In most cases, this has a lot to do with first impressions relating to window displays, window graphics & signage.

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Colour is important in marketing! Read one of our previous Blog Posts titled ‘Impact of Colour Psychology in Business Marketing’ to find out more about how Colour can influence the minds of your target audience. Too many colours may confuse the reader so keep your colour choice bold and noticeable! Examples of strong well-known colour contrasts include yellow/black, red/white and black/white.


Well, this obviously depends on the size and location of your window. Is it in a busy high street where only pedestrians will see it? Is it on a main road where drivers and pedestrians will see it? Is it on a busy road where only vehicles will be exposed to it? All of these factors should be taken into consideration before you decide the size of your Window Graphics. Size does matter but it doesn’t mean you need a Window Sticker the size of your entire window! Professional Window Decal Designers will offer expert guidance. One size does not fit all; we tailor Window Decal Designs according to your mission and budget.


Last but not least, the Content is actually what matters. You need the right combination of words and imagery to catch, keep and convert. Our professional Sign Design team provides free guidance on how to craft the perfect content strategy for your Window Decals. Content ideas for your Window Graphics include a headline, slogan, logo, special offer, promotion, call-to-action… it all depends on your mission at the end of the day! Once you establish your goals, you will be in a position to craft the ultimate design and determine the impact you wish to have on your readers. Think brand, think personality, think communication!

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