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Window Signs & Window Decals for Homes & Businesses in London & Surrey


Window Graphics for Homes & Businesses

Window Graphics can be powerful in business marketing when designed and placed professionally. Designing a Window Sign requires careful consideration if you want it to be effective. Receive expert guidance from our Window Sign Design team and make an informed decision about designs most suited to your business goals.

“We design & install quality Window Signs and Window Graphics according to your requirements! It’s got to be eye-catching, clear and readable. ”

Questions you should Ask Yourself before deciding on your Window Sign Design:

1.  Do I require a temporary window sign or more durable permanent window signage? Will I want to reposition or reuse my chosen Window Sign?  

2. Do I want people to see in from the outside? Do I need to be able to see out from the inside?

3. Do I want maximum privacy or maximum exposure?

4. Do I want a site-specific window sign or just standard sizing?

5. Do I want a Window Decal for business marketing purposes or just decorative?




6. Am I looking for single or multi-panel window signage? Do I want a Window Sign for indoor or outdoor use?

7. What do I want my Window Sign to achieve for my business?

What are my options?

Static Cling Window Signs Vinyl Window Decals Perforated Window Graphics Frosted Window Decals


What is Static Cling Window Signage?


Static cling window film is ideal for promotional marketing, sales, events and shop front announcements.

Static Cling Window Signs adhere to the window through suction and can be removed and repositioned with minimal effort. It is similar to a plastic wrap and will stick neatly to any glass surface in your home or business premises. Static Cling Decals for doors and windows are a temporary window sign solution and can last up to one year with the right care and placement. Available in clear and opaque window sign designs.

Why choose Vinyl Window Decals?


Vinyl Window Decals are ideal for more permanent messages such as opening hours or branding signage – information does that not change regularly.

Vinyl Window Decals adhere to the glass using an adhesive and have a much longer life expectancy than Static Cling Decals. Consider the design carefully for your long-term benefit. They can last over 3 years with the right care and protective maintenance and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in clear, opaque and frosted designs.

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What are Perforated Window Graphics?


Perforated Window Graphics (also known as One Way Signs) that last outdoors for over 3 years with the right protective maintenance.

Perforated Window Decals are designed to appear opaque from the outside but still allow visibility from inside the building; a popular option for those looking to maintain privacy inside. This is achieved with 50% of the vinyl film being covered in micropunctures. The great thing about perforated window decals is that they still allow for light entry and a very aesthetically pleasing finish.

Why choose Frosted Window Decals?


Continue to allow light and shadow through and maintain privacy for the long-term.

Frosted Window Decals are a so pleasing on the eye and can be designed in any shape, colour and size. It’s not a clear or opaque decal but provides something in between whilst keeping all the benefits including light entry and privacy. Choose Frosted Decals for your windows or doors at home or at work. Effective and good-looking!


SignMedia is located in Ashford (close to Heathrow Airport) and specialises in print design, manufacture and installation of smart Window Decals and Window Signs throughout West London. We also offer an expert consultancy service you can rely on. Just give us a call on 01784 241 974 for FREE guidance on sign design in London and Surrey or fill out this form with your requirements in the message box. Thank you!



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