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Vehicle Wraps act as Mobile Billboards for your Business

Vehicle Wrapping is a cost-effective outdoor advertising method for businesses of all sizes. We create vehicle wraps for company vehicles in London & Surrey. For competitive rates on car & van wrapping, car decals, vehicle stickers, fleet vehicles, lorry graphics, temporary graphics & van decals call us…

Vehicle Wrapping in London & Surrey

Professionally Designed & Installed Vehicle Wraps for Businesses in and around London

How Business Owners can Increase Exposure On-the-Road

When you own a business you learn to understand the power of effective marketing. As you experiment with different methods and research local marketing services you will begin to notice that ‘billboard style’ outdoor advertisements targeting vehicle drivers and passengers is very expensive. For a standard sized billboard display you are looking at over £200 per week in the UK, a cost that small business owners often cannot afford. Larger billboards situated on busy highways and roads come at a much larger cost and are used mainly by ‘fat budget corporates’. Here at SignMedia we have a direct route to the same audience for much less. Maximise the benefits of vehicle wrapping and position yourself on the same playing field as your leading competitors!

Vehicle Wraps.

Vehicle Wraps for businesses are professionally installed printed mobile billboards for your business car or van. We produce high quality designs on heavy-duty vinyl – made to last for up to five years. Exercise your right to advertise your business in busy locations! During your weekly supermarket shop, in the traffic jam on the M25, on a road trip … you’re advertising. Nobody can stop you parking on the high street on a busy Saturday morning (parking sensibly); a branded vehicle will receive the same exposure as a billboard in that time. We have a range of vehicle wraps for sale but your design should be unique to your business.

4 Strong Guidelines on Effective Vehicle Wrapping:

Vehicle Wrap Graphics & Smart Design
Branding is a significant part of your business plan and should be consistent in all your marketing efforts. Here at Sign Media we customise your brand design to suit the style and shape of your vehicle. Smartly designed, eye-catching graphics will get you the kind of attention you want to receive. We offer tailored vehicle wrapping packages for small businesses including full or part vehicle wraps, window covers, branded wrapping for fleets of vehicles and more. Speak to one of our experts for more detailed guidance.

Include a Call-to-Action for Measured Response
What do you want to achieve from wrapping your vehicle? Do you want the phone to ring or would you prefer to drive traffic to your website? Think about what you want to happen and make sure you include the relevant details in your design. By instructing viewers to take action you continue to grow your network and measure response. Maximise the effect of your vehicle wrap design with a call-to-action.

Include Area to Narrow Down Responses
Vehicle Wraps go with you everywhere you drive, stay everywhere you park and receive a lot of exposure from all types of demographics. If you operate in a designated area, include this in your design. You do not want to receive endless calls from potential clients you can’t deliver to.

Cost-Effective Outdoor Marketing
Vehicle wrapping is considered one of the most cost-effective outdoor marketing methods for businesses of all sizes and guarantees ongoing brand exposure for years to come. We will design, print and install your Vehicle Wrap to a quality standard according to your requirements and budget.

SignMedia Vehicle Wrapping Services:

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SignMedia is located in Ashford (close to Heathrow Airport) and specialises in print design, manufacture and installation of vehicle wraps throughout West London. We also wrap fleets of vehicles for businesses nationwide and offer an expert consultancy service you can rely on. Just give us a call on 01784 241 974 for FREE guidance on sign design in London and Surrey or fill out this form with your requirements in the message box. Thank you!

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