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Signage Essential for New Business Marketing

Text Signage can change the Dynamics of your Business.
How many signs do you see on your way to work or when you pop into town? How many of those signs have enticed you to find out more about a business or lured you in to see what they are selling? How would you have identified the businesses if there were no signs? Signs have become part of our everyday reality and the power they hold in marketing is often overlooked. In this blog article we discuss the significance of signage in business marketing and the influence you can gain over potential customers.

Need Professional Signage for your New Business?
Any new business from a shop to a restaurant or café needs to be named and branded in order to create the identity and attract the right target audiences. A brand is not just about having a pretty logo with your company name plonked next to it; your brand should be designed to create the right feel and communicate the right message on behalf of your company. Your brand should permeate everything you do and your sign should be designed to enhance that message further. How you plan to use signage can have a direct influence over the customers you attract and serve as a reminder of your existence for potential future sales.

Types of Signage:

Exterior Signs
The effect of an exterior sign is continuous and exposure to potential customers increases daily at no extra cost, visible 24/7. Impact how fast you grow by designing an intelligent exterior sign to direct the foot fall into your premises. Even if passers don’t come in they may well have seen your sign and return at a later date. The main aim of your external signage should be to inform people of your existence and create a uniqueness that will sway your chosen audiences.
Types of Exterior Signs for your Business:
Business Facias
Shop Signs
Illuminated Signs
Industrial Light Boxes
Post & Panel Signs

Interior Signs
Once you successfully attract shoppers into your premises you can use interior signage to guide and inform them further. The aim of interior signs is to keep your shoppers in your shop and convert their visit to solid sales. Use signage to enhance their overall shopping experience by directing them to different areas such as ‘Special Offers Corner’ or ‘Çhildren’s Gifts’ section. Some products have a story behind them and signs can be used to communicate the inspiration to potential buyers.

Types of Interior Signs for your Business:
Reception Signs
Way Finding Signs
Door Signs
Wall & Floor Graphics
Window Graphics & Stickers
Retail Signs
Exhibition & Display

Ground-Mounted Signs vs Building-Mounted Signs
Ground-mounted signs are most commonly used for attracting the attention of traffic passing by outside your business premises. Make it bold enough so people don’t need to stop to see it, make it eye-catching and take some time to research all sign shapes and sizes that you can use. Ever seen the big ice cream shaped signs outside ice cream shops in the street? You can’t really miss them and you don’t need to read to know what they sell!

In areas where foot fall is prevalent and space outside the front of your commercial premises is small, building-mounted signs are the more favourable option for advertising your business. Mount it to the exterior wall of your building and make sure the size of your text and logo is perfect for all to see. Building-mounted signs are the ideal solution if you are looking to save space and get noticed.

Go Further & Brand Up your Vehicle
Some businesses seize the opportunity to further market their business by using mobile advertising methods such as those shown below. Branding up a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles will require an investment to begin with but the ROI is often rapid.

Types of Mobile Advertising:
Car & Van Wrapping
Car & Van Decals
Fleet Vehicles / Lorry Graphics
Temporary Promotional Graphics / Vehicle Stickers

In summary, there are various types of signs that can make a significant difference to your business success. A sign is considered to be a cost-effective and essential part of a business marketing plan and presents excellent opportunities to help you stand out from the crowd. Make sure your sign sends the right message out and attracts the right people in; that’s the main aim of the game.

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