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Wayfinding Sign Design & Build in London & Surrey

Learn how Wayfinding Signs can increase business performance! Exterior & interior way finding signage designed & installed in London & Surrey. For competitive rates call…

Wayfinding Sign Design & Installation available in London & Surrey
SignMedia produces customised free-standing, wall-mounted & suspended wayfinding signs

Wayfinding Signage | ‘show them the way’
Wayfinding signs are strategically situated everywhere from train stops to the corner shops. Think about all the signs you see daily on the bus, on the tube, in shops, offices, restaurants, bars, on motorways, vehicles, etc. In our last article we discussed the power of professional signage for businesses and the different types of signage available for reaching your target audiences effectively. Today we will discuss the basics on how ‘wayfinding’ works and how it can benefit all types of SME’s and corporate brands.

Different Uses for Wayfinding Signs
Wayfinding signs create the opportunity to drip-feed useful points of guidance to customers entering your business premises for the first time. Walking into a large department store or a busy shop can be daunting but it’s always a relief when it is well sign-posted. Enrich your customer experience and guide them through an unfamiliar area or build environment using way finding signs designed according to your premises layout.

Some examples of how wayfinding signs can be used include:
‘Menswear’ clothing section to direct men instantly in a busy shopping environment
‘Rooms 101-456’ way finding signs in hotels to help you find your room
‘Toilet’ to inform customers entering your café or restaurant
‘Services’ to direct new traffic on busy roads

5 Basic Strategic Design Principles for Wayfinding Signage:
Pick out strategic points in your venue that customers should be aware of & write them down
Map out a consistent visual communication plan on paper & create a tactical wayfinding scheme
Create branded wayfinding signs to guide your potential customers in the right direction
Create a hassle-free & easy experience so your customers do not need to think – keep it short
Typography must be clear & concise to avoid creating the reverse effect; confusion

Incorporate the various styles of wayfinding signage into your action plan:

Information Signs

[20% Off Discount Table] Directional Signs [Beer Garden ] Identification Signs [WC] Warning Signs [No Smoking]

Reinforce your brand identity and provide useful guidance using a smart wayfinding system at your building / venue. Here at SignMedia.co.uk we produce wall-mounted, suspended or free-standing wayfinding signs including options for finger posts, departmental signs, maps and directories. We design your sign to mirror your branding and guarantee compliance with OHS guidelines where required.

Conclusion Sign Media is located in Ashford (close to Heathrow Airport) and specialises in print design, manufacture and installation of wayfinding signs throughout West London. We also have the ability to work on larger jobs nationwide and offer an expert consultancy service you can rely on. Just give us a call on 01784 241 974 for FREE guidance on wayfinding signage in London and Surrey or fill out this form with your requirements in the message box. Thank you!

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